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  1. Amiganaut2

    I got a annual subscription to this site cause Of Lillith, there were others but she was the one who helped me find this site. My favorite style of art is Art Nouveau, like Gaudi and Tiffany.. And I can see her dressed walking around in that kind of architecture. I like that she is naked, but I have to have an imagination of how she is fully clothed.. And it does matter, cause you see her clothed, you wonder about her, you lust after her, then she removes layers, and it elates one. Even shadows can act as clothing. Did you know that its not winning at gambling that makes the gamblers addicted its the thought that they might win, the brain releases dopamine when we make discoveries, think we might win, so the unvieling of the body, the revealing of a body, such as a woman dressed as a man turning into a woman, they can elate one.

    Just an idea.. I think if you just show women naked, its not going to be as effective as revealing them from a fully clothed state.. Also you dont seem to offer a suggestions box. Thats why I’m doing this.
    I’ve been looking at porn for since 1984, and the most enjoyable were Suze Randall’s work, and magazines like High Society.. The remarkable thing about High Society, women run. I believe the
    women know how to present themselves, and should be the ones to collaborate with in the finished work.

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