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5 Responses to “Brush make me blush”

  1. SpiderWeb41

    Lillith von Titz is exquisite. The is not a mm of her body that I wouldn’t kiss and suck on.
    She arouses me beyond belief! She excites me! She makes me hard! She makes me
    pleasure myself as I lust over her! She makes me cum!!! She is w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!!!
    Tony has done a masterful job in capturing her beauty and projecting her sexuality!!
    F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s video!!!

  2. kidemz30

    music too loud. make it just halfway the video like digital desire. we want to hear the moaning and screaming.

  3. nutcrack

    The enjoyment is greatly reduced in most of these videos by the obnoxious music. I would much rather hear the girls.

  4. Amiganaut2

    That song at the beginning is damn cute.. The brush wasn’t all that sexy, for one it doesn’t reflect light all that well, I mean it could have been pink, it could have been lit like a flash light, does it have to be a real hairbrush? That hair brush is where we want to be , right? So before it is inserted in heaven, its a normal hairbrush, but it takes on all sorts of shapes, colors, neon, and the environment changes as well, right? Think about it next time.. For the next time.. But yes that song at the beginning, very cute..

  5. Amiganaut2

    I think these other guys need to specify the song at the beginning or the new age crap, example Yanni, Kenny-G, etc.. I think it would be better if the music was raunchy “I wanna fuck you in the ass” or just offer an option where you can select your desired tune or no tune, it would be very easy to adjust a web player to do this.. But it wouldn’t show up in a download.. If I had my way, I’d have you make VR180s , they are larger, nobody is going to pirate them as easily, and the experience is personal and damn easy.. Thats why its taking off all you need is the camera, no editing necessary.. If you are worried about your relevance, its more relevant you do that than wait for AI to replace everything. There is even an AI video generator where your prompt is a description of the actions wanted and shots and so on.. Its already at that point, go check out wombo.. But Wombo wont let you make nudes and AI in general cant do VR180 , it isn’t there yet, and it may never be.. I spend more money per year on VR sertvices than 2D.. This and AE are the only sites I spend money on in 2D.. I also have a year of VRPorn.. I’d get SLR but its too expensive.. What I’m doing right now is backing up Lilith which is the only reason I bought into this service.Now if you were to make VR content, I would have another reason to stay subscriibed. To the girls on here, VR180 is so potent , you can get away with not doing anything at all just pretending the camera is your boyfriend, and guys get off on it.. So no nudity, no masturbation, no dangerous sex acts, simply being close to a camera, thats all I’m asking, and until the rest of the guys here get VR headsets, like the Quest, they will not understand. There are people who can’t handle vr, get sick in it, etc.. It can even cause seizures, I understand. And I still get off to the 2D stuff, but for me its a matter of how much content I can consumer in each that is the tie breaker that favors 2D.. But when it comes to video, VR breaks the tie cause which would I rather be, watching my dream girl on a 3×5 foot wall or to be there with her, which is VR180.. Also in VR nobody can see what you are seeing, you can watch it on an airline, in a car, anywhere you are.. Can you do that with 2D, not without a VR headset.. soo .. I suppose where 2D wins is on a cellphone in a urinal.

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