Terms & Conditions

Before you complete the transaction, you should read the following terms and conditions in the event of consent to proceed with the transaction. By making payment, You agree to the following, and the further possible changes that could be made and posted on this page.

1. Privacy policy

All customer data is not subject to disclosure. For carrying out transactions is used only SSL connection.

2. Definitions

The member and membership – is a subscriber and term of access to the site content with the use of login and the password received at registration and payment of access. Bookmarks, and saved form – the act of placing and storing temporary files including the URL address of the website to store the username and password to access the site. Access rights mean by themselves obtained or submitted by you the login and password for access to the site. The word “Site” is meant directly as a site for which you get a name and a password.

3. Description of services

We provide the right of access to a site and to its contents which you get by purchasing a membership.

4. Billing

Official information will appear on your Bank or card statement about all charges made.

5. Automatic Recurring Billing (If Selected By You On The Sign Up Page)

As defined by the content provider, the subscription can be automatically renewed for the same period as the previous one. If a waiver of that does not come from the member.

6. Cancellation

Any subscriber has the right to refuse to continue the subscription and sends an e-mail: to support@mndmag.com. Thereby canceling the automatic renewal of the subscription for the next term.

7. Refund policy

Subscriber has the right to cancel their subscription within the first 24 hours and within 90 days get the rest of the payment back the way that the payment was made (on the bank account, into the account of an electronic purse, and so on).


Keeping the pages in tabs, a member thereby assumes the responsibility that all subscribers who have got a site for a direct link (without registration) are adults or reached the age of at least 18 years of age.

9. Authorization and use

We reserve the right to terminate the contract and close access to site content subscribers, in case of violation of the conditions of use of the site or its content( If the subscriber splits his access to the site with other humans. If the subscriber publishes his access data (login, email, password) on other sites, forums, and social media networks. If the subscriber publishes content on the internet without our agreement (if he publishes more than 7 photos or more than 2 minutes of one photoset or one film, or publishes archives or links to archives with photos or videos).

10. Terms of Use

Each subscriber has the right to look through and make comments on the content on a site, or an official forum; to download photos and videos, and also to transfer them to other carriers with the possibility of individual use. Transfer of site content (photos, videos, etc.) to third parties, as well as its use in advertising and commercial purposes, and so on – is an offense.

11. Terms & Conditions

Making the transaction, the user agrees to all of the above and confirms that he is an adult, and materials do not violate his religious and life position.

For more information or assistance any subscriber can be obtained by sending a support@mndmag.com.