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  1. SpiderWeb41

    This site is becoming the best on the net! Metart and Photodromm better move over before
    they are run over by “MyNakedDolls!!!” It is videos like this with Dani that puts it on top!

  2. Sparky

    Another knock out video. Dani is captivating beyond believe. Wonderfully filmed with plenty of close ups of that wonderful ball squirting out of her pussy. Kudos to the direction, letting the action take place nice and slow. I hate videos where the model is force-ably cramming toys in and out. Dani moves with such a slow teasing pace it’s just so nice to see for a change. My only criticism is the music, I would have loved this video with just the sounds of her moans and the playing of the pussyball, but beyond that an excellent erotic video with one of the best women on the ‘net.

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