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  1. imenadel2

    One of the best female masturbation videos I have ever seen. The light and color were exquisite. The golden glow displayed her her pussy to perfection. She didn’t seem like she was acting, but truly into achieving an orgasm for her own pleasure. The backdrop was elegant and the brass dildo seemed perfect for her. Often I turn down the audio on masturbation sequences, because they seem so fake. But her moans were sensual, believable and added to the performance. Thank you, Dani, for openly sharing your God-given beauty and eroticism. It is greatly appreciated. Erotic nude art models are under-appreciated.

  2. SpiderWeb41

    Dani could melt the brass off of two large brass balls, and I suspect she could do some unbelievable things to
    a set of real balls. Dani gets me off! If you can watch Dani in this video and not pleasure yourself to her, you
    are a much stronger person than I.

  3. Sparky

    One of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Dani is absolutely wonderful and so feminine. Thank you so much for not playing music during this video…being able to hear to gentile moans and the sound of the toy going in and out make this video even more fantastic. I encourage more videos without music and with actual sound!

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