Spring is in full swing. Girls in many countries finally start to wear short skirts and dresses. On their legs flaunt the beautiful shoes and tights or stockings.

And I have a question: what do you prefer?

Do you like girls in stockings or in tights? Dense or thin? Openwork or smooth? Matte or glossy?

For example, I love to wear dense tights with short dress and coat.

Or charming stockings. Especially I like the white openwork stockings. Perhaps you will see them in the future on me.
I await your comments and opinions.

Kisses, your Zhaklin.

5 Responses to “In stockings or in tights”

  1. Sven

    The classic combination of stockings and garters (as you wore in Fluide de la passion, From innocence to deviltry, and Absolutely gold) is my favorite. They can be worn in any design with or without panties and accentuate a woman’s form without concealing very much. I don’t like tights as much because they tend to look similar on everyone, but sheer or openwork tights can display a bit more of each model’s uniqueness.

  2. Sven

    If I had to choose one color it would be black, either alone or combined with other colors. Thinking back, the reason for this is probably that the very first women I saw wearing lingerie were in some old black and white magazine advertisements.

    There are many examples here where brighter colors look just as attractive, though. It depends on the model and setting. I think you look especially good in red, for example.

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