Millions of sweet kisses

How are you?

I’m recently looked through photos and decided to make a small gift and a big surprise. Over the next time you will see a special collection of photos with me. It was classic glamour style and also new crazy and very emotional experience, new wave of art. In these photos will be no anybody correction. Accordingly on them, I will the same as in ordinary life.

The most active fans who like to write comments to my photosessions will get special bonuses and gifts 

And don’t forget about workshops on photography with my participation on the Adriatic coast for a few more months! Let’s meet and practice the art of photography together!

Sweet dreams and a wonderful dayღ

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  1. Sven

    I’m curious about who usually makes the decision to retouch a photographer’s work. I hesitate to say “correct” because it’s often done even when there are no flaws. Is it the publishers/clients, the photographer himself, or do models ever suggest it?

    I once had a conversation with someone working for a different site that claimed to “not alter its photos with airbrushing techniques or other photo altering practices” after they published photos with one of my favorite model’s nipple piercings unconvincingly edited out. They first denied it had been done, then tried to blame the photographer. It seemed unlikely to me that someone would willingly edit them out of hundreds of photos instead of just asking her to remove them before shooting.

    Thank you for your willingness to show yourself au naturel, Zhaklin. Will we be seeing more of you in (and out of) that black dress (maybe a video)?

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