We met with her in a cafe. Young and beautiful blonde with red lips sat in front of us. She told us that dreams of becoming a stylist and that she writes poems. She said she loves to dance and spend evenings in the clubs. 

We told her about our work and the specificity makeup. We showed photos that we are shot. Suddenly, she said: But I also have something to show.
The next day we met and went in our shooting location.
We started shooting. Mia was, as always, cheerful and relaxed. She posed, putting all the emotions, that her overflowed, in every frame.
A few more minutes and her breasts was naked. Were made wonderful pictures. And after a while Mia took off her panties.
The shooting continued. And only when she sat down on a soft pillow and open her legs, we understud what she was saying. Her lips, probably the most unusual lips that I have ever seen. Unfazed, they can not leave anybody. They are so big and juicy, that to want to view them as close as possible. And touch them.
And what emotions you cause her lips? Would you like to touch them? Or maybe you want that your girl have similar lips?


Yours, Zhaklin

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