How many people have many opinions of beauty of the female breast.
Some people like big breasts, other to prefer small. Some prefer large puffy nipples, others like small nipples. Also there are different opinions about the shape of breast: round, conical, drop-shaped.
If you ask me: what kind of Breasts do you like? My answer: beautiful.
But I think that each of you has his own preferences. Please, tell me about them.

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  1. Sven

    I was going to try answering this sooner, but it’s even more difficult than “Choose your favorite pussy!” the month before. I tend to like larger breasts, but form is more important than size for me. Slightly upturned drop-shaped breasts with well-defined nipples are my favorite variety.

    Ariel has some of the most interesting nipples I’ve seen, able to change from smooth and puffy to finely textured and erect. Watching their transformation close up would be perfectly suited to video.

    There is no shortage of beautiful breasts at this site, but while looking through them I was often distracted by the beautiful face of their owner. Out of every model here, Marta M probably has the most appealing combination of all features. A favorite from elsewhere was Jenya D from Met-Art who also had exceptional breasts, later decorated with nipple piercings (which they often annoyingly photoshopped away).

    • Sven

      Speaking of Jenya D, she had a conservative posing style and I believe she is now semi-retired and living in the US but, if miracles can happen, I would dearly love to see Tony photograph her.

        • Sven

          Zhaklin, thank you very much for your efforts to make this happen. If you are able to, it really would be like a dream come true.

        • Sven

          Hello Zhaklin,

          I’m curious if those talks lead to anything over these last months. In any case, thank you for responding to the idea.

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