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  1. nightrider

    Wow! a very attractive Women with a very erotic look. I would love to see someone put their lips to her and make her nipples perky for us!!

  2. John Greenaway

    Such a powerful allure from this young lady in the full blossom of femininity captured by a master of their craft.

  3. jack brisley

    A fine example of the BS from nude photographers. OK, I realize the subject matter needs variety and positional changes and modification to keep it interesting and engaging. Photographers quite often are more concerned with prioritizing their own agenda of expression than delivering the simple beauty of the model. All these obscure, twistings turning away, concealment, hand bras, repetitive poses,etc. But then, little to none of the subject at hand, like just plain nude, just a plain and entire view of their beautiful bodies to accentuate their beauty on its own without an overdose of cute bullshit, hide and seek. Sure get creative! Knock yourself the fuck out! But at least while doing that, produce a few photos without your required cuteness BS and show an entire beautiful body naked and standing there allowing us paying customers to see what we paid to see. A set of beautiful photographs uncluttered,not dominated by repetition, hand bras, hands covering everything over and over,models turned partly away and all the other BS that should be an accentuation, a display of variety, all of which leads somewhere along the fucking line to seeing unobstructed, uncontaminated, view of the model’s beautiful body! Again, I’m a photographer, I understand the need to create, to express but NOT at the expense of what the purpose is in the first place……………………….sooner or later, complete, uncomplicated images of beautiful women and not in some puny ratio relative to the photographer agenda of expression and creativity. This set is a joke in all those regards!

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