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  1. dick large

    for those of us that prefer a more graphic style, I’d have to say the last three photo shoots have been a complete letdown. you’re a gifted stylish photographer and Molly, Katya & Pammie Lee are all beautiful women, but I’m a pussy and ass afficianado, and I subscribed based on some of the incredible work you’ve done with Louisa A, Lada D, Marka K, Varja and others. it’s what we’ve come to expect and it’s fabulous stuff – which makes your decidedly conservative, overly modest approach to the last 3 pictorals very disappointing.

    If I wanted to see Playboy style photos I’d subscribe to their site, but I don’t, and I don’t think a majority of the guys who subscribe to this site do either….. At the risk of being crude I’ll also be honest – GUYS WANT PUSSY AND ASS! you’re wasting fabulous talent and great opportunities. heavily weighing whether this site is worth renewing, and I’d have to say if things continue on the way they have been laterly the answer is probably “no”….

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