MND magazine December 2023

December 8 2023

The ultimate gift to enchant her soul

Soon it will be winter holidays, and as always, the question arises: what to give to a friend or a beloved woman for the holiday.

We can, of course, focus on the standard gift list, which you will read further, but we can also become ingenious detectives and find out: what does she want to receive?

The easiest way is to ask directly: what do you want, honey? But there is a possibility that the cost of the gift will be higher than your budget for it.

What to do then?

Firstly, you can use her browsing history and see which websites she visited and what is marked in wish lists or shopping carts. If you have access to her laptop or phone.

The second option: look at the stores she is following on Instagram. Buy something from their assortment. You can accidentally open a store page, saying that you constantly see ads

for this store and see what exactly she will pay attention to there.

Third option: clarify with her friends, sisters, or colleagues. She has probably talked about what she dreams of receiving as a gift.

If your relationship is not just about material things, you can give your loved one a certificate for one wish. And what wish she asks you to fulfill will be a surprise for you as well.


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