6 Responses to “Losing Innocence”

  1. Zhaklin

    It is very rare – we can meet a model which is still a virgin
    But sometimes shooting nude and comments under the pictures can help the girl understand that she is beautiful…
    Xenia was very shy and timid during filming.
    But it was incredibly exciting process for her

    • Sven

      At first glance, I would not have guessed that she is still a virgin. The seductive looks she gives help to hide some of the shyness and timidity. It’s an honor to have her share herself with us.

      Her profile says that she is also a singer and is interested in music. Is there any chance of including some of her singing in a video? Maybe like a backstage fantasy after performing.

  2. Sven

    I would comment on Xenia’s gallery but it looks like her photos were accidentally replaced with the ones from Black Diamond showing Mandy Dee.

    I’ve also noticed that the last four galleries have all featured some of my favorite lingerie styles and color, and would like to say thank you if that was because of my reply to the latest news posting.

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