2 Responses to “I’m waiting for your call Part 2”

  1. SpiderWeb41

    Love seeing more of Sandra in her erotic lace outfit. For me, she has one of the finest derrieres and stocking stuffers I have ever
    lusted over. I skipped thru the peeing. I’m not a fan of seeing people pee, however there are those who get off on it so it has a place
    in the set. I skip over the stuff I don’t like. However, I do like Sandra! I’d say that male or female, Sandra could have an affair with anyone
    she wants. I’d guess whatever Sandra wants, Sandra gets. If you are among one of those things Sandra wants, you are in for the ride of you life!
    I’d take a ride! Since that is unlikely to happen, I did pleasure myself to her. Watching her in the full-screen slideshow during my long period
    of “Orgasmic Bliss” was w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!

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