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  1. BiGDiCKMCoY77

    you see Tony’ this is WHY i enjoy this site soo much.Beautiful Photos, HR/ HQ Content on delivery. and Most Excellent Quality Taste And Style In Choice Of Models. But Most Of All THIS right here: knowing that if your creating a portfolio / set with a model you DON’T have to post 300-400 Pictures of her with the Exact Same Monotonous photos overriding each other again again again like ( no Offense ) Femjoy, not really met art(a couple of sets i’ve seen but NOT A lot ) more of Femjoy i’ve seen this Time and Time Again. its soo damn frustrating irritating and wastes Me the Members Time & Money. let ME CLEAR though. Like any heterosexual alpha male i enjoy thousands upon thousands of photos of beautiful models-women alike. however its WHEN its the Exact Same Monotonous Images with the Exact Same Pose,Head Shots,Same Lighting,Same Smile,Same Look,Same Etc,Etc. its gets Annoying and too many ” Other So-Called ” photographers do this and it Kills There Brand In Soo Many Ways Wish They Understood This; Really !!

    – Cheers !

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