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  1. Por1cuarto

    What is going on with this site, Tony? Another soft set? It does not make sense for me, I am about to unsubscribe

    • Tony Murano

      During the pandemic in many cities and countries, it was impossible to take photos or videos with models. And in those countries where possible, certain legislative measures exist. Touching yourself and close-ups pussy pics, there is forbidden to shoot. Therefore, I had to take only Nude photos.

  2. Por1cuarto

    Thanks for your response, I understand your point. So, I see other sites, like metart, femjoy, nubiles, rylsky… with new content, as explicit as always was. I dont know what countries you are talking about, but i hope you are planning to offer us good pictures of all your models… Anyway, thanks for your effort

  3. BiGDiCKMCoY77

    @Tony Murano – Whatever & Whenever your allowed to photo your models i’ll be grateful. if other people don’t understand we are in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and therefore some of the MODELS by (Choice & Legally) are NOT comfortable with explicit photos then you have to do what you have to do. IGNORE “Others” who complain; they don’t work FOR YOU and Vice Versa.And Yes i am a LONG TIME Member of Met Art,W4B and various Other Erotica Sites.so the statement of various sites are doing explicit is Moot Point and childish it smells of immaturity of underage individual who’s never grace there eyes on a naked woman before or even seen a woman’s Vagina. its shameful at best’. its almost a miracle any of the EROTICA Sites can still function & operate during all this.i’ve spoken PERSONALLY to W4B production team & specific other Erotica Production Teams from other sites. the reason for having ANY explicit is: Freelance & Additional Photographers who are established in at said countries(other words they sell them there photos to the studio) and at said studio buys the content from the photographer very similar to 80% of ALL Erotica Sites. except you and specific sites who are a 1 Man Show even Petter Hegre had to take a step back some.so i say again any support is better then NO Support at all. in order for any one to make a profit & continue success you have to have 2 functionalities: 1) Models have to be willing to shoot explicit, legally be comfortable,and health wise be comfortable too.and safety precautions have to be paramount on each shoot. 2) Depending on the Country you and your production team are working out of have to abide by those countries laws of dealing with the pandemic during your operations and feel comfortable to do so as well.you have to keep your self safe & healthy as well.

    FYI: PORN-ADULT SMUT EXCUSE ME BUT THIS HAS TO BE SAID: NO ONE Should ever Risk there LIFE just to produce naked pics of women’s Vagina’s to a bunch of Strangers on the internet NO MATTER How Much they’re Paying You. No One’s Life Has a Price Tag Tony.Neither Mines Or Yours.

    – Cheers !

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