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  1. Amiganaut2

    Thank You

    I’m enjoying my subscription, Clara is lovely, I hope to see more of her. My fetish is ribbons, fine clothes, I’d actually like to see her in whatever scenes she prefers, but I dig the 1920’s Flapper Look,
    There is an iPad program called Wombo, it uses a artificial intelligence, something called deep learning to paint images, and you can tell it what you’d want to see, it can take images as input and
    will improvise over the images, like I could take any of your photos and tell it to make it like a 1920’s flapper , even say in the style of Tiffany and Gaudi, and it will change the building and lamps to look like those artists. It is great for
    inspiration.. I don’t think it willr eplace artists I think it will augment the stuff we create and things we can do ..

    Wombo is about $6 a month and its for iphone/ipad .. I make no money from those, just telling you this is where I’ve been spending my time for the last week.. And I think it will really give you some ideas.. How the art is created is by processing lots of photos, and the AI generates a mathimatical database from that where it makes choices on how to draw an image.. Some look photorealistic some look drawn, some are to weird some are amazing looking.. And if you used your photos of your models you could get some ideas for adorning them. If in doubnt got to reddit and check out /aiArt

  2. Amiganaut2

    Yea there is actuallya working version of wombo on that site, do this one “bunnies surfing” or “trump playing the saxophone” , or “flapper lady in style of seurat”

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