Today I would like to know about your fetishes in sex. I think each of us has something, that we love.

For example, someone likes a girls in high heels and in erotic underwear, for example, stockings and belts in a retro style. And some men’s to prefer a girls dressed in latex.

I, as a girl, can say, that I’m not indifferent to the beautiful lingerie and love to wear seductive gowns, stockings and lacy underwear. I have about 30 sets and the collection is constantly growing 🙂 And I adore beautiful footwear!

And some of us certainly enjoy role-playing costumes. What is also can diversify sex life.

One more big fetish is voyeurism, exhibitionism.

And some of us is crazy about a particular part of the body: arms, fingers, legs, ass, lips on the face or genital lips, hair…

One of the great fetish – is domination. Surely at least once each of us wanted to experience it for yourself.

I can continue this list of fetishes for a long time. But in fact, I am more interested to learn about your fetishes and fantasies. And also I am ready to answer any of your most frank questions.

Gently kiss you, yours Zhaklin.

3 Responses to “Fetishes in sex”

  1. Thunderboy

    I find it really sexy when a girl squats down and takes a long pee, with an uninhibited joy or relief evident on her face. An excellent example of such a scene (image attached) was in ‘Pee Secret Paradise’ with Assol and that really raised expectations. However, it has been a disappointment that since then only 1 video and 1 pic set featuring peeing have been published on MyNakedDolls. Urination is a perfectly natural thing that every girl does everyday, more often than she even masturbates, and I think it is only fitting that it is featured very regularly in a site known for its natural beauty. Yes, it might not be everyone’s fetish, but it’s certainly a sight enjoyed by the majority of erotica audiences these days if it is properly portrayed, in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. Again, Assol’s scene is one of the best examples. Here’s hoping for much more peeing content on MND. 🙂

  2. Jak

    I have a wedding dress fetish. I want to see a beautiful women putting on the wedding dress, stripping, and masturbating in the wedding dress or wedding lingeries.

    I have a thing for pregnant women as well, there’s nothng more feminine than a soft, swollen, pregnant women. Lactation also turns me on a lot.

    Voyeurism is also very erotic, spying on a women masturbating is very sexy.

  3. Sven

    There is something undeniably erotic about watching a woman whose curiosity and arousal inspire her to satisfy herself in an unexpected way. The Brush Make Me Blush video was a nice example of this. I’ve always wondered about how often that happens in real life.

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